Ever heard of Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a form of internet currency, many major online merchants and even high street vendors accept it as payment you can check the full list of Bitcoin Accepted places and vendors by searching Google

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Why mine Bitcoins? (or not to mine at all?)
For the normal everday person wanting to obtain Bitcoin, a few ways exist to obtain it

First way: Mining, mining is very competitive and long gone are the days that it can mined using a Desktop PC. The more competitive mining becomes the greater the overall hashrate becomes so more calculations are required to solve a block (this is when this when the coins are released), so the difficulty icreases in order to keep the same rate of blocks being solved every ten minutes. So unless you have to a lot of spare cash to spend on ASIC's and electricity, this option is probably best avoided for someone who just wants to get hold of some Bitcoin

Second Way: Is to Purchase them from somewhere such as CoinBase.com

The FREE WAY: Using Bitcoin faucets you will be able to claim small amounts of Bitcoin for free, you can then trade them for Alt-Coins or even cash

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